The purpose of the ConserveIQ Quiz is to:

  • Review your normal activities and consider things you may not normally think of
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Evaluate ways to save you money on water and energy bills

If you score a high CIQ, you may already be saving money and conserving resources. If you score a low CIQ, there may be some opportunities for you to save money and resources. Have each member of your family or your friends take the test separately and discuss your scores. It’s always a good idea to take the CIQ Quiz again as you make changes to your activities. Watch your ConserveIQ increase and your utility bills decrease!

So, how many people live in your home?
1: It's just me!
2: Just the two of us.
3-4: It's getting crowded!
5 or more: It's a party every night over here.
On average, how long do you shower?
Under five minutes: I don't use soap.
6-15 minutes: I just focus on the major crevices.
16-25 minutes: I REALLY focus on all my parts, maybe a little too much!
26-40 minutes: I’m not clean until I’m pruney.
41-60 minutes: I take singing in the shower to a whole new level.
How many times do you wash your hands a day?
0: Never! My immune system is always up for a good challenge.
1-5: Only when someone’s looking!
6-12: After convenience stops and before meals.
13-19: I’m sparkling clean and germ-free!
20 or more: I’m only slightly obsessive!
Do you let the water run while you brush your teeth, shave, etc?
Always: The sound of flowing water soothes me.
Sometimes: I don’t always think about it.
Never: I ALWAYS do the right thing.
How many of the sinks in your home have a drip?
0: Nothing’s leaking out of these bad boys!
1-3: Drip. Drip. Drip. Oops, there goes my sanity.
4 or more: Huh. I thought it was raining outside.
How many times in the last month have you had to take the plunger to your toilet? (We promise this question has a purpose. Remember, clogs aren’t your fault – they’re due to poor toilet design.)
0: No clogs here!
1: Having to use the plunger is so embarrassing!
2-4: If I use more than two squares of paper, it’s going to clog.
5 or more: "Please flush. Please, please flush!"
How often do you have to double flush or hold the lever down on the toilet to provide enough water to make the magic happen?
Never: It’s all good!
Sometimes: Not too often, just occasionally.
Often: You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!
Every Time: I think it’s time for a new toilet.
Do any of your toilets have a leak - where the water runs in the bowl long after you've flushed?
Yes: I thought the moving water was entertaining.
No: The water is as smooth as wet glass.
What sort of lights do you use in your home? (Check all that apply)
Traditional Incandescent Bulbs
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Solar Tubes or Skylights
I honestly have no clue.
What are the finishes on your walls? (Check all that apply)
Regular Paint: That’s how the house came.
Paper Wall Paper: Just a cheap way to cover up sheetrock.
Shiny Vinyl or Plastic Wall Paper: It still looks like it’s 1970 in here.
Plaster, Venetian Plaster, or Stucco: I’m fancy!
Clay Plaster: I’m fancy AND healthy!
Low VOC Paint: Low to tha’ V, to tha’ O, to tha’ C! I’m a lean, mean, clean & fresh machine!
Check out the sides, backs and shelves of your cabinets. What are they made of?
Particleboard (Pressed Sawdust) My shelves are sagging or the bottom of my undersink cabinet is swollen.
Fiberboard (Pressed Wood Fibers) It looks like a thick clipboard covered with plastic.
Plywood (Layered Veneers of Wood) My cabinets have the strength to stay attached to the wall!
You’ve just taken a shower and hung your towel up. Is it dry within 24 hours? (Once again, we promise this question has a purpose.)
Yes (dry) It’s dry!
Not Completely (slightly damp) Is that weird?
No (It’s wet) My house is like a sauna.
Do your windows have...
Single Pane Glass I can feel the heat coming through!
Double Pane Glass There are definitely two pieces of glass in my windows. My reflection looks twice as good!
Feeling a draft? (Check all that apply)
Around the door I don’t even need to turn on a fan. I just catch a breeze around the door.
Around the windows Seriously, I should just leave them open.
Around the light switch plates It’s like a blow dryer for my hands.
At the base moulding where the floor and wall meet My dust-bunnies look like they’re at an all-night disco.
There are no air drafts in my home It’s practically air tight!
Enter your contact information here to learn about your results and measures to improve your ConserveIQ efforts. We look forward to explaining how we arrived at your CIQ score with you!
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