Water Savings

Water SavingsHow much water do we waste? How much goes down the drain before our shower or even during our shower? How much water is wasted while we use our sinks? How much water is being wasted every time we flush the toilet, or double flush the toilet?

Water is our most precious resource. If you can save water and also save the energy it takes for you to heat your water, you save twice!

Many of us have considered water to be infinitely available and cheap, but as our population increases and governmental regulations continue to restrict water usage and move more toward surface water, be prepared for the cost of water to increase. The water supply is also closely related to energy usage, because it takes so much energy to operate the pumps and ensure water quality on the supply side and also to take care of the water processing on the sewage treatment side.

If we can all do our part to conserve water, we certainly save money for our own water and energy, but we also save our municipalities substantial amounts of water and energy, which puts less burden on all of us, the taxpayers.

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